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Betting on colors

Betting on colors is one of the ways of betting in roulette. Every winning bet doubles the wager. Winning chances are almost 50/50.

What is betting on colors?

Betting on colorsIt is one of the most common ways of playing roulette. It’s a type of so called “outside bets”. Its popularity comes from the high winning chances. Betting this way is also very easy and quick. Player doesn’t need to think too much which option to choose as there are only two of them: black or red.

How does betting on colors work?

As we’ve already mentioned, this betting pattern is very easy. Actually it is one of the easiest ways to play roulette. All you have to do is deciding on which color you want to place your wager. Every number on the roulette wheel has a color:

  • 0 and 00 (American Roulette only) are green
  • 8 even and 10 odd numbers are red
  • 8 even and 10 odd numbers are black

You don’t have to think which number has been hit. Just look at the color of the background under the number and you will won, if you win or loose.

Remember that, if the ball hits “0” (or “00” in American roulette) you loose no matter what color you choose.

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How to use betting on colors?

When you’ve already decided about your color, just put your chips on one of two available spots on roulette table: black or red. Now all you have to do is wait for the outcome.

Betting on colors in practice

All outside bets are often used as a part of different betting strategies. You can find betting on colors in strategies like:

What is the profit?

Your profit will be defined by your wagers, as every win doubles your bet. To maximize your winning chances you can think of using betting on colors together with one of the roulette strategies mentioned above.

What are advantages of color betting?

+ almost 50/50 winning chances
+ very easy to use
+ can be used with the most popular roulette strategies

What are disadvantages of color betting?

- the lowest payouts out of all types of roulette bets

Are there any alternatives for betting on colors?

Actually all 50/50 outside bets are pretty the same, so we advice that you also take a look at:

You can try this way of playing roulette completely for free, so you don’t have to risk any money to find out how it works.