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Singapore gaining advantage

Indeed, Las Vegas has already lost the first spot on the podium of international gambling gaming cities since 2007 to Macau.

Las Vegas losing speed

formula-one-singaporeWorse still, registered business turnover registered for 2010 is not favourably towards the City of Sin, the city famous for great poker tournaments on the new continent. The top spot has of course gone to Macau with a defying turnover of $23.5 billion. The casinos of Las Vegas follow far behind with a turnover of $ 6 billion, which is itself closely followed by the casinos of Singapore which have greatly improved their turnover at $ 5.1 billion.

Singapore catching up with Macau

For the year 2011, some observers see Singapore casinos taking over the second place from gambling establishments in Las Vegas by the end of the year once the final dice are thrown. Similarly, games industry experts are already hinting at the future unmatched performance of Singapore casinos in the world and on the Asian continent in particular.

Favourable gambling legislation put in place in Singapore

The predictable success from the poker rooms, slot machines and roulette in Singapore has been predictable and indeed predicted from the day the leaders of this country opted for a new casino policy allowing casinos to be built over six years ago. Furthermore, the future of the sector is a foregone conclusion due to the benefits in terms of demographics on the Asian continent as well as the influx of tourists who represent a phenomenal source of income for the population.

How long will it therefore be before Macau is overtaken by Singapore?