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Singapore Crime Rate on the decrease

Out of the six crime classes, three are said to be on the decrease. These include theft, housebreaking and related crimes and violent property crimes.

Police awareness

crime singaporeDespite a considerable improvement in crime figures over the last year, the Police have declared that they will continue to be vigilant in their approach to tackling crime and continue with their strategy to further reduce these figures.

Two new casino resorts

Overall crime has successfully been fought in Singapore over the last year despite the opening last February and April 2010 of two new casino resorts in the city-state of Singapore.

Casino Crime update

Two further casino complex resorts were opened respectively in February and April of 2010. The two main natures of crime reported in the casinos in 2010 were regarding cheating and theft. These included casino chip theft and petty theft, while the cheating cases consisted mainly of cheating at the casino tables or cases of impersonation where casino customers used false identity documents in order to gain entrance to the casino. Following investigation, these cases appeared to be isolated and not related to organized crime syndicates.