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Michelin Guide: Star Wars

michelin guideThis is something that requires a lot of capital investment.

Pierre Gagnaire

Notably in 1996 Pierre Gagnaire, with his back to the wall and facing imminent bankruptcy, was obliged to close his restaurant in Saint-Etienne in France, which is a city famous for its football team in the 1970s but not for the disposable income of its inhabitants. No golden boys to be found here. Since then he has bounced back with a vengeance by casting his nets wide.

After having initially recovered some of his loses working in Paris, he opened restaurants in Tokyo, Las Vegas, London, Hong Kong and Dubai. This is the number one rule for putting food on the table: make the most of your 3 Michelin Star status by going all-out.

Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy in addition to operating four Parisian restaurants has branches at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and at the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. He also advises the notorious caterer Pierre Martinet “on salad seasoning”.

Marc Veyrat

Marc Veyrat and his famous headdress, after giving his name to a line of kitchen utensils, he partnered with GL-Events to develop a chain of fast food 100% bio, named Cozna Vera.

Bernard Loiseau

But beware! Driving over-inflated can cause accidents. At Saulieu in the beautiful region of Côte-d'Or in France, there was a famous restaurateur who cash in on his 3 Michelin stars label and personal reputation, attempted to diversify his business interests (luxury hotels, breweries in Paris, derivative product merchandising such as umbrellas and accessories) and ended up deeply in debt. Tired and stressed out, he finally became ill and eventually threw in the towel on February 24th, 2003 by taking his life. His name was Bernard Loiseau and he was one of the most famous French chefs of all time.

But in such a competitive world, combined with the high levels of stress that the top chefs have to put up with in order to live up to the Michelin standards, it can be only too easy to lose sight of the goal and of your own personal limits.