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Man arrested for using fake ID

Marina Bay Sands Casino

marina sands casinoHaving received a Police Exclusion Order forbidding him from entering the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore, the man resorted to attempting to enter using a fake ID card. Following investigations conducted by the casino in collaboration with the police his attempt was discovered.

The police are also seeking to investigate the ID card owner to ascertain whether he had knowledge that the suspect was using his identity to gain access to the casino.

Heavy penalties

The penalties for misuse of another person’s ID can amount to US $10,000 in fines and a 10 year jail sentence. In addition, for purposely acting in breach of the exclusion order a further fine of US $10,000 as well as an additional 12 month jail sentence may be applicable.

Police take identity theft seriously

Identity theft is something that the police do not take lightly and declared that they will continue to take heavy action against those that try to get around casino bans.