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Gastronomy, new tourism attraction in Singapore

The reputations of Tokyo and Hong Kong are well established. The Japanese capital is the undisputed world champion of three start restaurants ahead of Paris, according to the Michelin guide.

Three star restaurants in Asia

asian cuisineHong Kong is also celebrated for its reputed tables that attract wealthy Chinese fans as well as passing businessmen.
But other cities are affirming their ambitions, like Singapore and Bangkok, which now offer much more than the refined dishes of cuisine Thai or the fusion dishes in the image of the city-state population.

Singapore cuisine

"The image of Singapore as a city with fine dining is clearly more visible today. I have many foreign friends that visit for this reason," reflects Tetsuya Wakuda, Head of Waku Ghin, a restaurant renowned for Japanese and European fusion cuisine. Gastronomy “is one of our main areas of development", says Ranita Sundra, from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), which recently launched a campaign to promote the local gastronomic scene.

Three star chefs

In addition to Mr. Wakuda, Singapore is counting on famous chefs such as Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy and Daniel Boulud, or the Austrian American Wolfgang Puck.

Joël Robuchon is preparing to open three new restaurants in June, on the island of Sentosa, a new tourist complex which forms part of a casino, while Wolfgang Puck has recently inaugurated his third restaurant.
The Spaniard three star chef Santi Santamaria was in Singapore on 16th February to celebrate the first anniversary of his establishment, El Can Fabes, when he suddenly died.

Healthy competition

"Restaurateurs are stimulated by this new competition. They have rolled up their sleeves and this is a good sign of quality", summarizes Raymond Lim, from the well-established French restaurant Les Amis.

Asian Switzerland

These fashionable establishments want to enjoy in full the tourist boom in Singapore, nicknamed “the Asian Switzerland” due to its wealth and tranquility. Ideally located in the heart of Southeast Asia, the City-State welcomed 11.6 million visitors in 2010, a 20% jump in a year thanks to the opening of two giant casino resorts, which attract Chinese, Indonesians, Indians, Malaysians and Australians.