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Casinos are one of the main attractions in Singapore

She was quoted as saying that "the profusion of sites to visit, sounds, tastes, culture and attractions" guaranteed visitors an interesting and enjoyable visit to Singapore.

Many places of interest to visit in Singapore

formula one singaporeAccording to Ms. Yea there are many places in particular that are worth a detour. “The new National Museum is not to be missed, with its space dedicated to creativity and citizenship offering a rich cultural life in an entertaining and interactive manner which is aimed at Singaporeans and tourists from around the world," notes Ms. Yea.

The casino industry in Singapore

But it is the vast and prestigious offer of casinos Singapore which is probably responsible for attracting many millions of travellers who visit this corner of Asia. Since the first casino was opened in Singapore, it has developed into the third casino destination worldwide in terms of revenue behind Las Vegas and Macau. For a decade now Singapore has sought to reposition his attraction to the high-end and high income tourists.

Formula 1 Singapore

This repositioning has been felt not only through the development of the casino industry but also by the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore that attracts much interest worldwide and is also the only grand prix to take place at night. It is an urban circuit like in Monaco which sees the best pilots compete. Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber race around the streets of Singapore with the circuit passing very close to the Marina Bay Sands Casino.