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Beautiful Singapore

Singapore, the city-state is clean and orderly. It acquired independence from the British Empire in 1965. In doing so it found new values: economic development, safety, cleanliness and materialism. Its motto could be: labour, work, family and prosperity. In the last forty years since its independence, Singapore has transformed the way of life of its citizens, improving their quality of life to a standard at least equal to that of the Western world.

Religious Tolerance and Multiculturalism

Religious tolerance and multiculturalism that are prevalent in Singapore can be put down to the credit of the ruling powers to maintain social cohesion. When compared to Malaysia, which is much more laid back and where even the capital lives in a comparatively serene way, Singapore is a hive of activity always eager to save time at every possible opportunity.

Singapore – City-State

singapore skyline The City-State seeks to be an example for the rest of developing Asia. It strives to accommodate the jet-set as well as the business community. After the Asian economic crisis, Singapore was one of the first Asian countries to recover in part due to the political and economic policies put in place and the attempt nowadays to diversify the economy towards the leisure industry and promote Singapore as a cultural and artistic centre. Notably over the past decade, Singapore has seen more and more casinos opening in an attempt to compete with Macau for a share of the casino leisure market.

Singapore attractions

Two or three days should be sufficient to experience the national pastime that is shopping. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste all the delights and diversity of Asian cuisine in one place. If you have the opportunity to extend your stay in Singapore, do not miss the chance to visit the island wildlife parks that are quality attractions.