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Sri Lanka – Singapore’s next big rival?

With nearby Vietnam already working on casino resorts of its own, it seems Singapore may be set to face stiff competition from a further Asian country, the island nation of Sri Lanka. Although its bloody and long civil war is now becoming a memory, Sri Lanka’s tourist trade is struggling to recover. Now its government is looking toward Asia’s booming casino trade to kick start this recovery. Although there’s still quite a way to go before Sri Lanka’s can realize its aim of

Asia’s casinos set to increase their sporting profile

Their guests may be primarily there to gamble in luxury, but the world’s leading casino-hotels all know that a sense of spectacle is every bit as important as an extensive casino or lavish hotel rooms when it comes to packing in the punters. And if you truly want to deliver that all-import ‘wow’ factor, then you can’t beat hosting a major sports event. This is something that Las Vegas’ casinos have proven especially adept at down the years, and now frequently offer everything from

Singapore’s casino revenue drops, but the future’s still bright

Fears of Singapore’s economy sliding into recession may have receded for now, but in its once-burgeoning casino sector, all is not well. Both of its major casinos have reported significant drops in revenue and profits, with many pundits now expressing concerns that the sector’s honeymoon period is over. Singapore’s two mega-casinos, the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa (which opened in February 2011 and January 2010

Singapore extends local casino bans

Up to 15,000 additional Singaporeans are to be banned from gambling in the country’s two casino resorts, according to plans unveiled by the government. The move amid concerns that financially vulnerable citizens are gambling too much. Singapore already has strict controls in place to prevent vulnerable citizens from gambling at its two new casino resorts, the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa. Some 28,000 of its citizens are already barred from gambling there, either because

The good times keep on rolling at the Marina Bay Sands

The rapid growth of Asia’s gambling sector is fast making it the toast of the casino industry. Established casino destinations such as Macau have long since overhauled the likes of Las Vegas in terms of revenue. But it’s newer destinations such as Singapore that are really turning heads.     Nothing better epitomizes

Foreign visitors driving demand for Singapore’s casinos

Foreign gamblers are making up an ever-increasing percentage of the total visitors to Singapore’s new casino resorts, figures from the Marina Bay Sands casino resort suggest.   According to Sheldon Adelson, chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. (which owns the Marina Bay Sands), the resort now welcomes four foreign guests for every Singaporean visitor.   Although more precise figures weren’t made available, this still marks a significant increase. In October 2010, local

Michelin Guide: Star Wars

This is something that requires a lot of capital investment. Notably in 1996 Pierre Gagnaire, with his back to the wall and facing imminent bankruptcy, was obliged to close his restaurant in Saint-Etienne in France, which is a city famous for its football team in the 1970s but not for the disposable income of its inhabitants. No golden boys to be found here. Since then he has bounced back with a vengeance by casting his nets wide. After having initially recovered some of his loses working