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Venetian Casino Resort, Macau – the largest casino in the world

The complex boasts in total over 4,000 slot machines, 800 tables games, 3,000 hotel suites, a stadium, 350 retail outlets and of course 30 gourmet restaurants. Macao was a former Portuguese colony returned to China in 1999 which gave it the status of Special Administrative Region with the permission to officially host casinos. It is located to the southwest of Hong Kong and has long been known for its gaming rooms.

The largest casino in the world

macau venetian Built on the Cotai Strip encroaching on the sea, the Venetian Casino was built and financed by the American billionaire and owner of Las Vegas Sands, Mr. Sheldon Adelson who was convinced of the short-term profitability of his investment in Macao. They were also the first foreign company to open a casino complex in the former Portuguese colony in 2004 after the legalization of casinos in 2001.

Exponential growth

Since then, Macao has experienced exponential growth and in 2009 exceeded Las Vegas in terms of casino revenue. Mr. Adelson had projected a return on investment period of just five years. However, according to analysts, the casino competition in Macau is high. “Some casinos have been present in Macau for many years and have a well established brand image and reputation. They are not going to change their habits just because of a new casino establishment”, states J. Fong Ka-Chio, Director of the Institute for Gaming Studies in Macao.

“Other operators will find a way to keep their customer base. It is highly unlikely that the Venetian Casino will take a very large share of the cake," he added. “The new casino complex will have to attract and retain customers with various other activities, as many customers come only for the day and remain in the gaming rooms.