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Macau’s sites of interest

For the majority of visitors to Macau, the very name is synonymous with casinos and every imaginable kind of gambling available to Man. From the most popular European casino games such as roulette and craps, to the most diverse Chinese and Asian gambling games such as the famous Mah Jong. There is a rich and long history that Las Vegas does not have and that is there to see for all those who have the time and desire to discover the historical Macau.

Most tourists only visit Macau for a day-trip crossing from Hong Kong, which is only a ferry ride away. However we would recommend that you spend at least one night, or possibly even stay for three days. This gives you the time and opportunity to appreciate Macau to the full and take in all it has to offer from the rich cultural heritage of its Portuguese colonial past to the rich diversity of landscapes it has to offer in and around the city. Here is a list therefore of places and sites of interest that we recommend you visit on your trip to Macau.

The historical Macau

•    Largo do Senado macau by night
•    Leal Senado
•    Lou Kau House
•    São Domingos Church
•    The Facade of the São Paulo Church
•    São Paulo do Monte Fort and Museum of Macau
•    The Portuguese Catholic cemetery of San Miguel

Chinese Macao

•    The Red Market
•    The Chinese gardens

Modern Macau

•    The Macau Tower

Southern Peninsula

•    Largo do Santo Agostinho (St Augustine Lake)
•    The Temple of the Goddess A-Ma

Macao Islands

•    Taipa Island: the old island village
•    Coloane Island: Saint-François-Xavier Chapel

These are just a few suggestions and recommendations of worthwhile places to visit should you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city centre and the casinos. If you are planning a trip to Macau, you will find more detailed information on Macau’s Official Tourist Office website. So the next time you visit Macau, don’t forget to look beyond the casinos and the flashing neon lights to see what else this extraordinary place has to offer. Visit the historical Macau!