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Macau’s latest innovation: the casino at your doorstep

If you’re one of the many foreign visitors who frequents Macau’s many famous casinos, you’ll probably be familiar with the routine: the plane or ship arrives, you go through passport control, collect your luggage, get a taxi to the casino and check into your room. But what if you weren’t checking into another anonymous two-bed hotel room? What if, in fact, it was your own apartment?

A home from home

Macau Venetian apartmentsThat this may appeal to you is something that Sands China is banking on. The Macau offshoot of the Sands Corporation has now received permission from the Macau authorities to sell 300 apartments in a block next to its Venetian casino resort.

The idea certainly isn’t without its merits. Owners would have all the benefits of being close to the casino itself, while also having their own sanctuary into which they can retreat if they want to get away from it all. And with hotels already struggling to keep up with casino demand over the Lunar New Year and other peak periods, owners wouldn’t need to worry about booking a room.

Although prices for the apartments have yet to be confirmed, experts suggest the 300 co-op style residences may well generate $775 million for Sands. And with that working out at around $2.59 million per apartment, it should come as no surprise that VIP are being tipped as the most likely candidates.

Sky 32’s the limit

However, Sands isn’t the only company pushing the boat out to lure in high rollers. With VIPs returning to Macau, casinos such as the Galaxy Macau are finally being making use of their high-end facilities.

These include the Sky 32, a VIP-only area of the casino where all that shines almost certainly is gold, and everything that doesn’t is most likely just as rare and expensive. The six exclusive rooms located on the 32 floor (from which it derives its name) offer everything from card games to slots, but also feature imposing internal water features, gargantuan crystal chandeliers, a bar serving expensive whiskeys, and breathtaking panoramic views of Macau (among other things).

Furthermore, players are free to enter – on the proviso that they gamble $1.6 million per visit to Sky 32. Cheap, therefore, it isn’t. But if you have that sort of money to throw around, at least you can do so in stylish luxury.