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Macau the new high stakes poker centre

In February 2011 many poker professionals such as Tom Dwan and John Juanda both stopped off in Macao for a quick game on their way to play the Aussie Millions.

Dwan and Juanda lost $ 2 million

high stake poker Asian Poker Facts reported last Sunday, February 11th on the 2 + 2 forum that both players lost big, “"The Big Game is back with a vengeance.  John Juanda and Tom Dwan had a bad week in which they lost more than 15 million Hong Kong dollars (about US $ 2 million) between them. The big winners were Johnny Chan and another local player. »

Tom Dwan in a hard spot

Information concerning the action at the Starworld Casino, where the Big Game takes place, is difficult to come by as the details of the hands are secretly guarded. Nevertheless, another message posted by "timmydk" on this same forum which concurs with Asian Poker Facts news, relates a hand played by Tom Dwan that was far from one of his best hands.

"I visited the Starworld in Macau today and I saw Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius and John Juanda playing no-limit Texas Hold'em 10.000/20.000 HKD with a few Chinese players."

No limit Texas Hold’em

On one hand, a Chinese player, with approximately 3 million HKD, paid the big blind in the UTG position (under the gun). Dwan placed at the cut off (the player placed just before the button) raised 50,000 HKD and Patrick with the button and a stack of 2.8 million HDK saw him. The Chinese player re-raised 200,000 HKD, Dwan pays and Patrick folds. The pot is at about 480.000 HKD.

A daring poker hand

The flop comes with an eight and nine of clubs and jack of hearts. The Chinese player bets 400,000 HKD and Dwan goes all in with 1.1 million HKD which the Chinese follows. On the turn a two of clubs and an ace of hearts means that the Chinese player won the hand and 2.6 million HKD or about US$334,000 on a single hand. High stakes indeed!