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Macau Festivals

Beyond the obvious attractions of modern Macau such as the casinos and gambling opportunities, there lies a treasure of annual festivals and events that mirror the very specific cultural heritage of the region. There are simply too many festivals to cover them all, but whatever time of year you choose to visit Macau, you will surely find festivals and celebrations underway due to the mix of Chinese and European Catholic heritage that is unique to Macau. We have chosen to highlight a few of the main festivals celebrated, but for a more detailed calendar of events throughout the year please visit the Macau official tourism website:
Macau Tourism Events Calendar

Chinese New Year - (First day of the new moon, late January to early February)

macau dragon festival This festival is the most important for a majority of the local population who try to start out the New Year with good resolutions. People clean their houses, fill them with flowers (you will find huge flower markets throughout the city) and set off millions of bangers to ward off evil spirits. Children are given “lucky money” and families get together around lavish banquets. This public event lasts for 10 days: the lion and dragon dances parade through the streets, temples are crowded with visitors while music and dance performances take place throughout the city. Neighbours wish each other “Kung Hei Fat Chói”, which means good fortune.

"Senhor dos Passos" procession of the passion-of our Lord – Lent - February/March

The celebrations for Lent are reputed to be the most beautiful Christian procession of Macau. The statue of Christ bearing the cross is placed on the altar of Saint Augustine Church. For the great procession, it is taken the day before to the Cathedral, and the following morning is carried through the city via the cross stations, accompanied by the Police Orchestra and the local clergy, schoolchildren and a little girl singing prayers, accompanied by the entire catholic community. The procession ends with a large mass at St Augustine.

Easter - (March/April)

The Christian community celebrates Easter by decorating the churches while numerous shops sell traditional cakes and sweets associated with Easter celebrations, such as chocolate eggs and a Portuguese cake called “folar” (a cake made from eggs).

Festival of A-Ma - (April)

The local population together with many other communities along the coast of Southern China pays tribute to the favourite goddess of sailors and fishermen. The temples of A-Ma are decorated and offerings are made to thank the goddess for her protection from the storms.