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Macau and Singapore continue to outpace Las Vegas

macau surpassing las vegasIt has seen its turnover increase by 44.6% in April 2011 to reach the staggering heights of $2.56 billion.

Macau overtook Las Vegas in 2006

It is only in 2006 that the city of Macau overtook the mythical city of Las Vegas in terms of attendance and revenue. It has since become the most popular gambling destination with the most international visitors in the world.
Since then Macau has continued to raise the bar year after year taking the title of world capital of gambling from Las Vegas in Nevada that had effortlessly dominated the land-based casino industry for most of the last century.

Las Vegas is further losing ground to Singapore

Following the recent financial crisis Las Vegas has lost further ground on the world stage and has now found itself conceding second place to Singapore, the latest gambling destination to enter the world scene.

Record turnover for Macau

The turnover of Macau in the first quarter of 2011 up to and including the month of April has set a new record since the beginning of the year. Macau has already attracted close to $ 10 billion in revenue that has come in through the doors of its 33 casinos since January 1st 2011.

Record increase over April 2010

Since the beginning of the year, revenue in Macau has increased by a record 43.3% compared with last year’s figure. Forecasts are predicting a record month of May as well due to an imminent surge of holiday makers from mainland China due to planned holidays as well as travellers from around the world scheduled to arrive in the Chinese gambling enclave next month.

Macau revenue outstripping the Strip 5 to 1

At the current rate of progression the revenue from gambling in the Chinese enclave could reach five times that of the Strip in Las Vegas by the end of the year 2011.