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Macau and Hong Kong – Sister Cities

Macau and Hong Kong:  two exotic cities in the imagination of every traveller, two parallel stories, far from being sister cities. Here we take a look at the similarities and differences between these two Asian cities.

Contrasting Cities

City of contrasts, Hong Kong is the city “that never sleeps” with skyscrapers reaching for the sky that make those of New York almost pale into insignificance. Macau meanwhile with its Portuguese past, has overtaken Las Vegas as the capital of gambling. Each in their own way, remnants of mighty empires, are equally Asian dragons. Intimidating, puzzling and irresistible all at the same time, Macau and Hong Kong can make you lose your bearings between East and West. 

Arriving in Hong Kong

Landing in Hong Kong at the Chep Lap Kok airport, as you travel on the Airport Express Line – a state-of-the-art high-speed train that transfers passengers downtown you will see gleaming towers, followed by a gigantic port that you could easily mistake for Rotterdam or Hamburg. Twenty minutes later, you are in the hall of Hong Kong Station.

macau fountainsFirst impression, first shock. Facing you you will find a forest of glittering skyscrapers in the business area known as Central, hanging on to the side of Mount Victoria. Behind this high-rise apartment blocks from the 1970’s reaching yet further up. Crowned by the outline of Victoria Peak, dominating the city and bay reaching 554 metres.

Beautiful Macau

The city of Macau is built on a peninsula that is connected to its neighbouring islands via a network of bridges. To be exact, three bridges of respectively 2.5kms, 4.5kms and 2.2kms connect it to the nearest island Taipa, which is also attached to Coloane by way of a road of 2.2kms. At the very northern tip of the peninsula is an imposing bridge leading to the Chinese provinces of Zhongshan and Zhuhai. Zhuhai city is also connected by the Lotus bridge to Coloane.

Discover Macau

From the peace and tranquillity of a Buddhist temple, to the hustle and bustle of the business centre, take a stroll through the neighbourhood of Largo Senado and let yourself be tempted by the unique flavours of a dish of Mièn tiào noodles, a local delicacy. A subtle melting pot of Asian traditions and Portuguese culture, modernity and racial integration, Macau has many surprises to offer the intrepid traveller!