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Famous Casinos of Macau

In Macau you will find 26 casinos with over 3,100 game tables and a total of 8 234 jackpots. If you enjoy the casino or placing a few bets without being a high-roller, you can go along and enjoy the slot machines or pop in as a spectator to see fortunes being made and lost at the throw of a dice or the spin of a wheel. Follow our guide for the list of famous casinos of Macao not to be missed!

Casino Lisboa and Grand Lisboa

macau casino fireworks It is simply impossible for all those that travel to Macao to experience the casinos not to go to the Casino Lisboa and Grand Lisboa. Even those that are not interested in gambling or casinos cannot remain unmoved by the sheer scale, size and decor of this Macao monument to gambling. At night, it lights up in the shape of a neon pineapple! It belongs to the famous magnate Stanley Ho, and was built in the 1960s. As a result its decor is notoriously kitsch and out-of-date despite the fact that it is in constant renovation. This is locally rumoured to be due to the prediction of a fortune teller from Macao who told the famous Dr. Ho, who happens to control most of Macau, that he will die whenever the work on the hotel is completed. Given the superstition of the chinese, it is thought that this is why the owner of the Casino Lisboa is not in a hurry to see the renovation completed!
If you only set foot in one casino during your stay in Macao, if only as a spectator, this is the one to choose. Casino Lisboa is without doubt the one casino that best illustrates the passion and excesses that overcomes all Asians that travel to Macau. The initial impression you get upon entering is that of a shopping centre or mall, but once you enter through the security at the entrance (proper attire required, however smart trainers and jeans are also accepted), you are immersed into an over-crowded and smoky atmosphere spread over several floors. Furthermore, the casino also doubles up as a huge hotel. Be warned however, that you will be required to pay in advance for your hotel room, just in case! (1,500 Pat or 150 €)!

Venetian Casino

It is breathtaking and officially the largest casino in the world. The Venetian Casino complex is the second largest building in the world and is built on the edge of the Taipa Lake. It is based on the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas with replicas of most of the historical monuments from around the world, such as the Venetian Rialto and its gondolas!

Macau Palace Casino

What makes this casino so unique in Macau is that it is a floating casino. It is conveniently located close to the ferry terminal. Your passport will be requested to gain access to the casino. Though there is less atmosphere here than in other casinos of Macau, it is worth a visit for the curious. Some locals may regret the previous floating casino which is now no more than a wreck at the bottom of the harbour. Despite its small size it is quite spectacularly decorated. Enough to attract some of the local businessmen who play in the VIP rooms, looking rather tense.