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Europe is the Eldorado of online gaming

black fridayIt must be said that by defying American laws, they are playing a game of Russian roulette.

Russian roulette

After the American demise of rooms such as Pokerstars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker they have been dealt a seriously bad hand that could potentially lead to a major losing streak.

Playing with fire

And yet other online poker rooms benefit from and continue to offer their product to a willing American market, including Bodog, Cake poker and the Merge network. Be warned the poker sites who take lightly the warnings of the US governing bodies and who laugh in the poker face of the FBI, as they may pay dear one day or another.

Ironically many of these online game websites in casino online, poker online and sports betting are operating directly under the nose of the authorities in the land of Uncle Sam.

Europe is the new Eldorado

Europe has now become as a result the new Eldorado for online gaming operators until the U.S. online gaming market becomes regulated. In the meantime, online gaming operators are making a dash for European countries and the competition is getting fierce. The legal France operators are engaged in a commercial war on offers aiming to outbid each other with bonuses and tournaments as well as sponsoring big name athletes to promote their cause.

Black Friday

"Black Friday" dealt a hard blow to the global online gaming industry and Europe is now the nerve centre of the industry. It is possible that Asia more than anywhere else in the world may have the potential to attract gaming operators in the near future when you consider that Macau has in the last few years become the international capital of the casino industry ahead of Singapore and Las Vegas.