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Who wants to live in Las Vegas?

You may be very surprised to learn that following a recent nationwide poll in the US, the top ten U.S. cities where Americans would most like to live, there is not a single east coast city quoted.


For residents of the United States who responded to a recent nationwide survey by Pew Research, the city they would most like to live in is Denver, for 43% of respondents. Compare this with only 8% of respondents that named Detroit (with the highest rate of unemployment in the country), that lies at the bottom of the table ranking in the 30th position of cities that Americans dream to live in.

Nothing new on the Eastern front

A representative sample of 2260 adults surveyed by telephone last October were selected for this study, which reveals that 23% of Americans feel at home in the cities where they live. Among the 10 most mentioned as attractive cities, seven are on the West coast (in order of preference: Denver, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento) and three in the South (Orlando, Tampa Florida, San Antonio and Texas). In eleventh position, on a par with Miami, Boston is the first East coast city quoted by the respondents. A complementary study led by the Census Office also reveals that not  since the 1940s have the  Americans so little moved as between 2008 and 2009. Only 11.9%, the lowest rate since records of migration rates have been recorded.

Cultural, Political and gender distinctions

las vegas Cultural and other differences exist of course, and are worthy of being noted. Hence, seven out of ten men in the survey declared being happy where they live, while only five out of ten women agreed. On the other hand, men are more likely than women to want to live in Las Vegas. The city of Las Vegas comes in at the twentieth spot on the table out of a total of thirty cities, though it is of course more often associated with the gambling industry and hence therefore less of a choice as a residential preference. Republicans prefer Phoenix, Arizona, while Democrats favour San Francisco.

Another relevant point that this survey has brought to light, is that 46% of Americans wish to live elsewhere than in the city or suburb where they currently reside. As the famous saying goes, “grass is always greener” elsewhere.