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Stephane Vanel mixing magical cocktails in Las Vegas

Stephane Vanel magicianIt was a revelation for the former model that learnt to manipulate cards and tried his luck in "Sin City" after a stint on television.

Stephane Vanel was voted "Magician of the year 2011" (International Magician Society) that offers "by far the best magic show" (according to the Strip Las Vegas Magazine). It is a different show to that of David Copperfield who is still doing representations in the gaming capital with a great show at the MGM Grand.

The Frenchman however is emerging as one of the must-see magicians, in a completely different style from the American illusionist. Stephane Vanel is on stage every afternoon (except Monday), with two daily performances (at 4pm and 6pm), at the Las Vegas Casino Paris. The format is certainly more intimate with rooms of only 200 people, but his show "Magic of Paris" has gained popularity since its launch.

Fun TV to Crazy Horse of Las Vegas

The story of Stephane Vanel is uncommon. AS a child his parents taught him magic. "They were fed up that I had no friends." I found a way to overcome my shyness by making myself interesting through manipulating towers of cards". Then as a student he began modelling in Paris and particularly on his childhood passion, magic. Suddenly propelled in swimsuits on the plateau of Fun TV with a pack of cards still in his hands, it was like magic. The TV channel offered him a weekly show for two years. Launched in media, he won the Magic Championships and headed for Reno, at the age of 22.

"A teacher then told me that if I was to make a career out of it, I could get into the Crazy Horse, followed by a show in Las Vegas". Two years later, spurred on by ambition, he seduced the organizers of the Las Vegas cabaret and fulfilled a first dream.

Thierry Cohen, Head of Cinema convinced him a year ago to launch his own show. Since June 1, Magic of Paris offers a family magic show. "It went very well, there are lots of people and it's often full, especially for the 2nd show".  It must be said that the show is very effective. "Americans are surprised and love the show, reviews are very good." The show is different from blockbusters with large boxes and helicopters", welcomes Stephane Vanel.

“Las Vegas, an achievement for a magician"

The magician’s show, with his devastating smile combines humour (a ventriloquist also features) as well as two beautiful dancers who do a bit of French cancan. There is even a touch of softness, with an experienced puppeteer. Stephane Vanel insists doing "the French, with self-deprecating jokes", because "the French are arrogant in the eyes of the Americans". They "leave the show with a better idea of our country", assures the artist installed in Vegas.

The artistic director of the show, the American Joanie Spina, who worked for 12 years with David Copperfield, is not there for nothing. " He is the one who insisted on adding humour to the show "