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Las Vegas commemorates Michael Jackson

michael jacksonThey plan to build a tribute to Neverland with the effigy of the former pop star Michael Jackson in the Mandalay Bay Casino.

Michael Jackson the legend

There will be a theatre, a museum and a bar dedicated to the great late King of the Pop Michael Jackson. It is seen as a way of recognizing and honouring the enduring legend of Michael Jackson for his many fans than span three generations to enjoy and revisit.This will of course be official unlike the online casino unofficial tribute to the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson's former physician on trial

While the trial of the former physician of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, is still unravelling with new evidence coming to light, the launch of this attraction in Las Vegas is also an opportunity to revisit one of the major trials of the beginning of the century.

In the latest development, Conrad Murray has announced that he will be showing videos taken during the final days of Michael Jackson’s rehearsal.

Proof that Michael Jackson was exhausted

Conrad Murray hopes to prove with these videos that Michael Jackson was in a state of advanced fatigue prior to preparing for his world tour, This is it, which inspired the film of the same name.

With these images, the physician hopes to prove that the singer was no longer in his "normal" state and was already very weak. He hopes to demonstrate that the dose of Propofol administered to Michael Jackson prior to his death was not the primary cause of death.