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David Hasselhoff celebrates his 59th in Las Vegas

david hasselhoffA large birthday party was organized at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas for the star’s penultimate birthday before he turns 60 next year.

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David Hasselhoff and his new girlfriend could not stop kissing in from to the cameras, photographers and fans only an hour after having had a huge fight in the hotel where they were staying, according to the Daily Mail.

Partying at Wynn Casino

As if nothing had happened the star from the Baywatch series and his beautiful girlfriend Hayley Roberts, 31 years old, dressed for the occasion then came down to party at the Blush Boutique

Nightclub in their hotel

All their friends managed to bring down the mounting pressure and stress as a result of the argument and managed to all have fun together for the rest of the night.

Absent daughters

The daughters of David Hasselhoff were notably absent, as they are usually always by his side and in the company of their father, watching over him and having also helped him through his addiction to alcohol.

The actor then posted a happier comment on Twitter ("Tonight is going to be hot with David Hasselhoff in Las Vegas"), before posing with his three-tiered birthday cake. He then opened his gifts with great happiness and joy alongside his beautiful Hayley.

Is an engagement in the air?

Earlier in the day, David gave rise to wedding rumours after a misleading tweet sent to his fans, which read, "Who is engaged?" It is perhaps a little early in their relationship having only met five months previously, when the Welsh blond sought to obtain an autograph from David Hasselhoff, then judge of the show Britain's Got Talent, in Cardiff.

These two are in love that much is sure and we wish them all the best!