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How to Win in Roulette

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino table games around. For ages, players all over the world have won and lost fortunes playing it. Since the birth of this fascinating game, people have been looking for systems which give them the advantage over the casino.

House advantage

Roulette winnerOne of the keys to understanding the winning opportunities available in roulette is getting to know what the casino's advantage is over the player. This differs depending on the type of roulette played, which is described in our "How to Play Roulette" section . Each type of roulette gives the casino a different edge:

  • In European Roulette it is around 2.70%
  • In American Roulette it is around 5.26%

Manage your odds

On our pages we've described different types of bets . Each of them offers you a choice:

  • higher odds of winning, but lower payouts
  • lower odds of winning offering much bigger payouts

It is completely up to you what kind of betting you prefer.

Ready to win with roulette?

 uence on losing bets and return towards the start after winning bets.

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Know how much you’ll win

As we've mentioned previously, you can expect to win a certain amount depending on which spot you place your bet on. Roulette payouts start at 1:1 (e.g. when betting on a color), and can  reach up to 35:1 (for single number bets).

Observe the wheel

Even though it may sound funny, there are many people who bet on the basis of the numbers the ball has landed on before on the wheel. Some claim that they have their own successful betting patterns, so maybe it's a good idea to watch the numbers carefully and try to develop your own betting style.

Try using strategies

There is never-ending discussion about whether roulette strategies actually work. We think that they certainly minimize casino's edge, so it is worth trying some of them to see if they are profitable for you. You can try out each strategy completely for free, meaning there’s no risk.

Mix up your play

You don’t have to stick to one of the suggestions given above. Mixing them up – for instance, combining strategies with observing the wheel – may be worth trying. Every player has his/her own style and preferences. The most important part of this game is to have fun!