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Roulette is one of the most famous and popular casino games ever. Its popularity comes from the simplicity of the game itself and its very attractive payouts. Here at OnlineCasino.sg we offer many in-depth articles about this fascinating game. On this page you will find an overview of our informative roulette articles.

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Learn how to play roulette

How to play rouletteRoulette is a relatively easy game to play. All in all, the game focuses on betting on a number and seeing if you’ve chosen the right one. But there are many betting options available in the game, so read this section on how to play roulette.

Get to know the different kinds of roulette

Kinds of rouletteModern roulette was developed in Europe, and it is very common in casinos around the world. But as always, the Americans had to do things their own way, so now we have two basic kinds of roulettes: European and American. Learn the differences between these two variants:

Know your chances of winning

Winning changes rouletteOne of the basic terms which every roulette player should know is "house edge". It defines how big the casino's advantage over the roulette player is. This value varies based on type of roulette played and the bet placed.

Learn how to win at roulette

Learn to play roulettePlaying roulette is fun, but winning is even better. That’s why we have prepared a simple guide which will help you start winning at roulette. We can't guarantee you success, but we can promise that you'll find a lot of useful advice here.

Get to know roulette’s history

18th century rouletteRoulette is almost as old as casinos themselves. This history of this games goes back hundreds of years. In our article you will get to know the origins of this world-famous game.