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Online craps is very popular these days. Below, you can find out why and also read about the history of this magnificent game.

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The game of craps allows players to play against each other

Craps TableIn most casino table games, each player plays against the dealer (bank) and there is no real competition between players. This is the case in blackjack, where you also find a certain complicity between players against the Bank. The principle at Roulette is the same: if I bet on “Pass” while you bet on “Miss”, my winning implicitly means your loss. However my gain is independent from your loss, it all depends on the number on which the ball thrown by the dealer stops.

In craps, it is a totally different ball-game. The player who holds the dice (called the shooter in English) calls the shots, literally, deciding who wins and who loses! You can bet on him or her if you think they are lucky, or bet against them if they don’t inspire confidence.

A history of Craps

The game of “Hazard” is the ancestor of craps. It’s own origins are uncertain. Supposedly invented during the times of the Crusades by Sir William of Tyre and his Knights, who played this game during the siege of the Castle “Hazarth” or “Asart” in 1125. The name “Hazard” therefore came from the name of the Castle. The Encyclopedia Britannica claims craps origins to be found in the Arab game, "al Zar" meaning "dice" in Arabic.

Craps DetailThe game “Hazard” became particularly popular in England. Geoffrey Chaucer repeatedly mentions the game in the “Canterbury Tales”, and the bourgeoisie as well as nobility engaged in the game in the equivalent of today’s casinos.

The French then imported the game to France, renamed it "craps", by changing the name of a two dice throw in Hazard called “crabs”, but there is no documented evidence to support this claim. The game was taken to the south of the United States when the French settled there and it spread along the Mississippi. The inventor of the modern game of craps John H. Winn, a dice manufacturer, had the idea of allowing other gamblers, not only the shooter, to bet on the dice. This also led to the design of the tabletop representing all accepted bets.

Today, craps is the casino table game in which most money is gambled in the US. You will find this game in casinos from Monaco to Deauville to name but two!