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Royal Panda offers fantastic live games, amazing promotions and great customer service. Royal Panda is delighted to be able to welcome players from most countries around the world. However, Royal Panda regrets that it is unable to accept players from Singapore at this time.

Deposit tips for online casino players in Singapore

On this page you can find deposit tips for online casino players from Singapore. Explore the payment methods that are available.

Extended History of Roulette

Get to know the history of one of the most famous games in the history of gambling.

How to Win in Roulette

One of the keys to understanding the winning opportunities available in roulette is getting to know what the casino's advantage is over the player.

Types of roulette

European roulette and American roulette are the most popular types of roulette. Both variants are not very different.

Online casino and gambling information

Playing online casino can provide substantial long term winnings. The truth is it is essential to first find a good online casino. Our site responds to this need by helping players choose the best casino online. Our experts put them to the test prior to recommending them to our visitors. Get the most out of your online casino and enjoy all the advantages they have to offer. All those we recommend offer bonuses and incentives for loyalty. Whether your thing is gambling at roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps or slots all our recommended online casinos offer players full satisfaction and guarantees of reliability, honesty and maximum safety online.

Choosing an online casino

If you are searching for tips on playing casino online, it is certainly that you enjoy and appreciate the possibilities of winning real money from playing casino games online! Our website guides you through the maze of online casinos. Take the time to read all our information before playing online casino and give us feedback on your casino experience! It is very easy to open an account and start playing immediately. In only a few minutes, you can download casino software and open an account. Even faster if you play with no download! To avoid disappoint, take a few minutes to read our tips.


Online blackjack is one of the most popular casino games - along with roulette, craps, slots and baccarat - played online as well as in land-based casinos around the world from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas. Popularized by films and characters such as James Bond over the course of the 20th century, with the advent of online gambling, online blackjack became played the world over. The card game takes its name originally from a bonus offered in the U.S. casinos rewarding a hand consisting of an Ace and a “black” jack, whether spades or clubs. Though the bonus is no longer available, the name remains.

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most prestigious casino games that can be played online. Full of glamour, portrayed in literature and cinema, it creates a sophisticated and festive atmosphere around the table. Baccarat is accessible to all with its simple game rules. The dealer deals four cards: two cards for the Bank and two for the player. You then bet on the outcome of the hand: either a winning hand for the player, for the house or a draw. The winning hand is the one closest to 9 points. Unlike poker, baccarat doesn’t involve any skill.